Allée and Arbor

 Arbor 023

The Crabapple Allée was a prominent and much loved feature in the Cox Arboretum MetroPark landscape, however with a 'service life' of about 20 years these trees had surpassed this time frame and were showing the effects. Of the original 50 trees, only 34 remained. Of those 34, less than 12 showed any remaining vigor. In the autumn of 2013 staff removed the remaining crabapples and began the process to create the ideal environment for new trees.

On April 19, 2014 during Adopt-A-Park Day staff and volunteers started the planting of the 100 Cornus kousa, Kousa Dogwoods in a double row on each side of the central lawn panel, arranged in staggered rows to increase the density and sense of seclusion of the space.   As the trees mature, they will develop a graceful vase structure of branches arching over the lawn panel. The flowers, actually bracts, will resemble those of our native Dogwood but will bloom later and have a longer effect. The flowers will be followed by a reddish fruit relished by birds in the fall and winter. As the trees mature, they will develop a beautiful mottled bark completing the Four seasons of interest.

The Allée was completed in September of 2014 with the installation of a new Arbor at the north end surrounded by more Dogwood trees.  The Arbor includes elements of the tree tower, lathe house and has its own irrigation system and electrical access.  It sets on slated gemstone and features a matching slate roof.  The Allée and Arbor is a popular feature among couples who want an outdoor wedding.




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