Iris Garden

Arboretum staff completed the construction and initial planting of the Iris Garden in 2010. Volunteers assisted with the installation of more than 3,500 mostly native irises, including Iris virginica, Iris versicolor, Iris cristata, Iris brevicaulis, Iris siberica, and Iris setosa, among others. Garden preparation included design, construction
and engineering of a channel to handle the high volume of water that flows onto
the grounds from adjacent land, saturating this area during heavy spring rains,
in order to maintain the integrity of the iris beds throughout all

This garden adds color and beauty to the landscape from the first bloom in late March all the way through mid-summer.  We extend special thanks to Jim and Jean Graham, whose support made this project possible. The result of their generosity and patience is a beautiful natural space that visitors will enjoy for many years to come.



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