The Master Plan

"Our success is everything you see..."


In the half-century since its founding, The James M. Cox, Jr. Arboretum Foundation and its dedicated supporters have managed to transform a barren farm into a rich and diverse landscape that hundreds of thousands of visitors enjoy and learn from each year. For its next 50 years (and beyond), the Foundation is committed to thoughtful, planned growth that will improve the visitor experience while also respecting the natural habitats that the Arboretum supports.

In 2003, the Foundation enlisted the help of leading landscape designer Francois Goffinet to create a long-term “Master Plan” that would guide improvements to the Arboretum over the next several decades. The Master Plan, which covers every area of the grounds, aims to create welcoming and engaging outdoor spaces that will help visitors cultivate stronger relationships with the environment.

The Master Plan is well underway, with many projects complete. See our Accomplishments page to learn more about projects that we have completed, or Current Initiatives to read about what we’re currently working on.