Barbara Cox Center for Sustainable Horticulture ribbon cutting

In 2007, The James M. Cox, Jr. Arboretum Foundation received a generous donation for funding of the Barbara Cox Center for Sustainable Horticulture (BCCSH). A series of facilitated discussions with staff, volunteers, donors and future stakeholders (elementary school children) were held to define the purpose and programming for the Center. 

The Center will change the culture at the Arb; making sustainability our guiding principle.  Physical elements of the Center included the renovation of the greenhouses and the plaza between the greenhouses and Kettering Learning Lab. 

The Center’s programming emphasis will highlight two prominent MetroParks' conservation initiatives, the Forest Foster tree program and the Arboretum based Woodland Wildflower rescue and propagation program.  Opportunities for experiential education will encourage park visitors to take the sustainability message home for practical application. Other features include: permeable paver pathway leading to the Kettering Learning Lab, ADA accessbile ramps on either side of the Kettering Learning Lab down to the greenhouses, greenhouse glass replaced with multi-layer acrylic and tempered glass, rain water harvesting system, additional cold frames, updates to the volunteer work areas, and double doors to the middle greenhouse. 

The grand opening of The Center was held in May of 2016.