Current Initiatives 

New Roofs

In 2017, the Foundation funded the replacement of the roofs on the Zorniger Education & Visitor Center, Volunteer Lounge, and Kettering Learning Lab. The new shingles are made of Brava tile, a composite material that is 100% recyclable. The Brava tile was selected primarily for their close resemblance to the original cedar shakes. They meet the highest standards for wind, hail and fire resistance, and come with a 50-year warranty. This year, the Foundation has provided funding for the replacement of the two remaining roofs located on the Zorniger Education Campus: the cold storage building and the operations building. Along with the replacement of the roofs, areas of wood siding will be replaced where deterioration is showing and existing gutters modified with an installation of new section to resolve drainage problems. The shingles will be commercial grade architectural shingles (300 lbs. per square) with a 50-year warranty. These high-relief shingles will complement the Brava shake tiles and bring the appearance of the buildings more in line with the adjacent education buildings.


Edible Landscape Garden Paver Pathway

This summer the installation of a paver pathway will take place in the ELG. The pathway will lead visitors from the entrance pergola to the covered pavilion.