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Perennial Society

The Perennial Society was established to help provide for the long-term financial stability of the Cox Arboretum Foundation and to ensure that the Arboretum will remain a treasure in this community for generations to come.

Please consider including us in your charitable plans. By doing this now, you may find that tax advantages can increase the value of your estate, enabling you to do more than you ever dreamed possible.

We encourage you to speak to your financial adviser about planned giving options. For more information you may also contact the Chief of Philanthropy at (937) 277-4369.

There are a variety of planned giving options, including:

Bequest by Will  A bequest to the Cox Arboretum Foundation through a will permits your family to retain the use of your assets or property during your lifetime. Bequests may be designated for a percentage of your estate, a specified amount, or the remaining property after all other obligations have been fulfilled.

Life Insurance  When the added protection of an insurance policy is no longer needed, transferring the policy's ownership to the Cox Arboretum Foundation can result in tax benefits for you and serve as a gift for the Arboretum. The Foundation can also be included as a beneficiary, contingency beneficiary, or owner of a new or existing policy.

Retirement Funds You can designate the Cox Arboretum Foundation as the beneficiary or contingency beneficiary of your retirement plan assets. Since retirement plans are more heavily taxed than other estate assets, this can significantly reduce your estate tax liability and eliminate the income tax that would be payable by a beneficiary other than a charitable organization.

Charitable Remainder Trusts A Charitable Remainder Trust can provide income to you or other individuals you designate for a beneficiary's lifetime or the trust's term. Thereafter, the trust principal will go to the Cox Arboretum Foundation.

Charitable Lead Trusts
A Charitable Lead Trust may be used to build the Cox Arboretum Foundation Legacy Fund over time while providing you with beneficial tax deductions. At the end of the trust’s term, the remaining assets are transferred to specified individuals or to you.

Charitable Gift Annuities A Charitable Gift Annuity can be established through The Dayton Foundation by making a gift of cash or securities worth at least $10,000. The annuity guarantees a fixed stream of income for life for you and/or designated individuals and provides an immediate income tax deduction for the gift. Upon the death of the last beneficiary, any remaining amount will go to the Cox Arboretum Foundation.

Outright Gifts A direct gift of cash, appreciated securities, or real properties may be the most convenient way for you to make a contribution to the Cox Arboretum Foundation. Gifts of long-term capital gains assets (appreciated assets held more than one year) may save you taxes and maximize your gift.


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If you have named the foundation in your will or estate plans, please notify us so we can thank you now!

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